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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Naughty nurses always find love in vintage hospital romances

Ok, I collect nurse books. Weird, huh?

For the past 15 years I have sought out those small-storefront, used book stores. You know the kind - the cluttered, cramped, get on your knees places usually run by a nice older lady who has her friends in to sit around, drink coffee and chat the day away. And as I sweep the cobwebs and dust away, I look for any of those vintage titles and covers that have "nurse" in them.

How about the 1967 vintage paperback, Nurse Felicity by Peggy Dern.

Nurse Felicity grew up in the Georgia hill country and watched her father doctor the sick there. She understood the natives and they trusted her. But Felicity loved a strong-willed mountain lawyer who resented her work. Could she forget him and start a new life with young Dr. Aleck Potter, somewhere away from "injun medicine and voodoo withcraft?" Could Nurse Felicity give up her beloved mountain town and childhood sweetheart to marry a young city doctor?

I'm guessing she chooses love.

Or here's the 1968 vintage paperback, The Nurse and the Spying Stranger by Diane Frazer.

Looking out the window of the darkened bedroom, Phyllis noticed movement on the street below. Shadowed movement - the man again, the mysterious stranger. Once again, Phyllis felt a shiver of cold fear sweep over her.

What will Nurse Phyllis do? My guess is - she will fall in love...

And then there's the 1964 vintage paperback - The Candystripers by Rachel Cosgrove. No, it doesn't have nurse in the title but I couldn't pass it up.

Nurse Kay Crosby wanted to forget Dr. Lanny Kirkman - he had jilted her for a Candystriper. But when she was assigned the job of training Candystripers, she was assailed with new doubts. Could she overcome her bitterness toward them? Could she do the job that was expected of her - especially when her new love, Doctor Mike Ralston, met Beth, the prettiest and most alluring of the Candystripers...?

Could it happen again? I need to know.

Many more of these vintage nurse books at my shop Devilishly Vintage - Click to see all of the nurse books.

And if you'd like to share your own nurse story, please leave me a comment - just between me and you ;)

Thursday, September 4, 2008

1984 Los Angeles Olympics Judo Souvenirs

The 2008 Olympics is over but the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics are still going on over at my vintage Etsy shop - DevilishlyVintage.

Back in 1984, I took a 2 month long journey from Michigan to California and back. Along the way, I stopped at California State University in Los Angeles where the judo competition was held and bought some souvenirs.

The first is this Sam the Olympic Eagle Judo coffee mug. Sam has got a black belt and is ready for his match.

I also have this plastic judo coffee mug and a matching 3" patch.

You can visit my Etsy shop - DevilishlyVintage - and see more pictures and get a description of these items.

Hand-carved wood items from Baguio, Philippines

During 1973, I was in the Navy Seabees and stationed at the Subic Bay Naval Base in the Philippines. During some R & R, some of us guys rented a van and drove up to the mountain city of Baguio, their summer capital, and while there I bought some hand-carved wood statues and wall plaques. I have two of these for sale right now in my vintage, Etsy site - DevilishlyVintage.

The first is this filipino boy riding a water buffalo. You can go directly to the page for this item here.

The second is this growling, prowling jungle cat. You can go directly to the page for this item here.

These two pieces are as beautiful and perfect as the day I bought them back in 1973. If you'd like to make one of them yours, click on the links above.

Cowboy Sam and Shorty

I sell vintage items under the name DevilishlyVintage on Etsy. A few days ago, I sold a children's book - Cowboy Sam and Shorty by Edna Walker Chandler, copyright 1962 by Benefic Press. I originally bought it for the nice illustrations. Thought you might like to take a look -